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We offer a wide variety of Language Arts instruction to meet the needs of each child

How we approach literacy

Burnham Brook language arts instruction features the following research based multi-sensory structured language programs: 

~ Lindamood Bell Phonemic Sequencing for teaching the basics of the sounds and symbols used in English.

~ Orton-Gillingham for teaching more about sounds and symbols as well as phonics, then using lesson connected text to build fluency. 

~ Project Read: Framing Your Thoughts for teaching grammar. 

~ Project Read: Story Form for teaching reading comprehension of literature.

~ Project Read: Report Form for teaching reading comprehension of factual text and note taking.

All language arts instruction is supported through art and visualization then attaching language to the art.

For students who are proficient at the basics of language arts, we offer  more traditional literature based English classes focusing on youth novels of various genres and short stories.