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Parental Feedback

Student for 5 years

"Thank you for giving me back my son. Before coming to your school he walked with his head down. Now it is held high. Thank you. - Barbara F.

Student for 1 year

"Burnham Brook has made a huge difference in my son, even though he came as an 8th grader." -Dave M.

Student for 3 years

"The study skills he learned at Burnham Brook helped my son be successful both in high school and at Annapolis. He taught other cadets how to study" -Carla R.

One student for 4 years, another for 3

When I dropped my son off on the first day  of fifth grade I thought 'Oh no, I left my baby in the woods.' The school worked so well for one son, we sent another." - Joanne T.

Twin Students for 3 years

"Your school prepared my children to succeed both in future schools and in life." Tim M. 

One student for 2 years, another for 4 years

"My children are very different, but both were challenged and supported at your school." Dave D. 

One student for 3 years

"You saved my daughter's life." - Dr. Paul C.

One Student for 3 years

"My son went to many different schools in his life. Your's made the most difference." - Cettie C.