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Social Studies Activities

Connecting People


Students learn about to explore the land around them

Connecting through time


Students gain an appreciation for historical method of doing things. For example, making bread by hand as seen here.

connecting in work groups


Students work collaboratively together on Social Studies projects.

Connecting to landforms


Students learn about landforms on the map then go see small scale examples on the school grounds. 

Connecting information


Students give presentations to the class to build skills with both gathering and sharing information. 

Connect through models


Students built a scale model of a wigwam to understand what life was like for some indigenous people. 

How we teach Social Studies

Social Studies with the only curricular area where students are grouped by age rather than ability level and language processing style. Students up through sixth grade are in a social studies program that focuses more on geography and New Hampshire history. Students in seventh and eighth grade study United States History using a textbook to support what they learn in class. All instruction features multi sensory structured language instruction, and includes primary source materials  to the greatest extent possible.